The Drake’s keep a secret. On the surface they are another suburban California family - mom, dad, teenage daughter, ten year old son, and crusty grandfather - but they are far more than the nice neighbors who live in the big house at the end of the street. 

They’re dragon hunters.


The Drake’s are members of an ancient order that for countless centuries has kept the world protected from sinister, malevolent, fire-breathers dragons. And from the terrifying realization that dragons actually exist. 


But one of them has other secrets all his own. Pepper Drake, the grandfather and patriarch, has hid from his family the true purpose of their order, and a dangerous mistake he made decades ago.


The Drake’s world is shattered when Pepper discovers someone knows his past mistake, and could use it to unleash catastrophe and calamity on the world. 


The race is on, as the Drake’s dash around the globe to identify this new and ominous threat, all while battling a dazzling array of fantastic dragons. 


Jack is struggling with his grandfather’s recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis and the void created in his life as the man he believed indestructible slowly fades away. 

Christopher is a bright, but shy eight-year-old trapped in a shell of self-doubt created by the repeated disappointments of his absentee father’s broken promises. 

Paired together for a weekend father/son campout, they form an unexpected relationship that brings healing, confidence, and hope.

The story of work, meaning, and a simple table maker. 
Coming soon!
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