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Just Begin

I received this picture from Heather Davilia, she’s a Life Coach who helps others discover their potential and take action. She was gracious enough to share the picture with me to show how the message of THE TABLE MAKER resonates and encourages her. Heather understands that while we all have big ideas knocking around inside our heads, it requires courage and energy to take action.

I bet there is a big idea knocking around inside your head, something you’ve dreamed of building or writing or accomplishing. And you know you’re capable of building or writing or accomplishing this magical things, but you just can’t seem to begin. Maybe you’re afraid it won’t turn out like you dream it to be, maybe you’re afraid of what others will say about it, or worse, about you for trying it. Or maybe you’re afraid that you actually won’t be able to do the thing after all, that after your work and struggle, you’ll fail. And if you fail, your worst beliefs about yourself will be confirmed. 

So you dream, but you don’t begin.

I know, because that’s my story. I know each of those fears personally. My fears tell me “You Can’t.” It takes energy and encouragement for me to fight back against them and chase after the big ideas that seem always before me. I hate fear. 

But there’s another voice in our heads: the one that’s whispering all these big ideas to us, and telling us to not be afraid. That’s the voice we should be listening to: the one who says with assurance and encouragement, “Just Begin.” Listen to this voice.

This is the message of THE TABLE MAKER. I want you to read it. And once you’ve read it,  I’d love to hear how it encourages you to push past your fear, focus on the big thing you have in your head, and just begin.

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