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Want to Know a Secret?

The first question I’m asked when anyone learns I’ve written a book is “what is it about?” The assumption almost always is that a novel titled THE DRAGON KING is about dragons.

Here’s a secret: it’s not about dragons.

Sure, there are plenty of spectacular dragons flying through the pages wreaking havoc and spewing fire, but the THE DRAGON KING is the story of the Drake family; how they cultivate and navigate their relationships is the real adventure.

I believe in the power of family. And I believe the greatest joys in life can be found when families lock arms and live big, sprawling, adventurous lives of faith together.

That’s the story of THE DRAGON KING.

  • A husband and wife balancing the demands of work, parenting, and their own relationship

  • The generational influences cascading from grandfathers to fathers to sons

  • The tensions of sibling loyalties and rivalries

  • Teenagers feeling out the boundaries of their expanding freedoms

  • The power of faith and family

THE DRAGON KINGis a story families can enjoy together. If your family jumps into its pages, I promise you won’t be disappointed and will be inspired to embark on our own great adventure together.

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